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Werewolf and Minotaur creator games
Prince Nephi Pic 1 by Jayko-15
Prince Nephi Pic 2 by Jayko-15
Boaz the Druid by Jayko-15
Warrior Princess Esther by Jayko-15
I would like people who have had experience making dress up and animal creation games to make creation games centered on Werewolves and/or Minotaurs so I could make my original Characters Laman the Werewolf and Zoram the Minotaur for my Adventures of Nephi story. I will also have pictures of the other three characters included to show you who will be in the story.
Fave Character Group Picture
I would like People to make a Picture of my fave cartoon characters together: Goku, Vegeta (Dragon Ball franchise), Ash, Serena and Pikachu (Pokemon) Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide (Transformers), Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ben Tennyson (Ben 10), Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Simba (The Lion King) and Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler(Yu-Gi-Oh!).


Jayko-15 has started a donation pool!
67 / 5,000,000
I would like as much points as possible please. More points means I'll be able to afford commissions.

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Today, Jayko and his family were busy cleaning up their house. They had received a letter from raven saying she would be arriving today. Jayko was doing the vacuuming, M1 was doing the dishes and Rose was doing the dusting. "Daddy, when's auntie Raven gonna get here?" Asked Rose once her daddy was done with the vacuuming. "Patience little Rose, she'll be here any minute." Said Jayko as he patted his daughter's head.

Just then there was a knock at the door.  "she here she here, 'as rose stilther to the door she open and see raven holding a box.
"Auntie Raven!" Said a happy Rose as she hugged her auntie."It's good to see you again Rose." Said Raven as she hugged Rose back, "So where my sister M1?"

"She's in the kitchen finishing the dishes." Answered Jayko as he put the vacuum away. Before going to see her sister, Raven brought out a box wrapped in red wrapping paper and a purple ribbon and handed it to rose. "This is for you." Said Raven. Rose opened it and saw a beautiful purple dress with roses on it.

"Oh thank you Auntie." Said Rose sounding more happy, "Is it OK if I try it on now?" "Sure go ahead." Replied Raven.
And with that. Rose went to her room to change into her new dress" "ohh i look pretty. 'meanwhile, 'how mom doing, 'she fine but she been deal with how dad been acting since he fine out about yumi.

"Oh I see." Said M1, "We were planning to go to the park today, care to join us?" "Sure I would like that." Said Raven.
Mummy, Daddy, look at the new dress Auntie raven gave me." Said Rose as she came down the stairs. When Jayko and M1 looked in her direction they saw her wearing her new dress.

"You look just as beautiful as you mother." Said Jayko. "Yes I agree." Said M1, "Auntie Raven will be coming to the park with us."
"Yippee." Said a happy Rose. "a they left the house they walk and stilther though town, 'you see they live on a special street where peaceful monster live on like mummy's ghost witches and other creature that have made peace with the humans thank to bianca,

Very soon they arrived at the park. Once they found a suitable spot, M1 and Jayko set up the picnic while Raven and Rose played. Suddenly, she heard something coming from a nearby bush, Kind of like a little whimper. When rose went to investigate, she found a cute little black tea-cup poodle.

"Auntie raven, come look what I found." Rose called to her auntie. 'what is it rose ohh my  a tea cup poodle ohh she so cute, 'as rose petted her, 'ohh she like me,Lunch time." M1 called out. After hearing her mum, Rose picked up the little poodle and brought her to the picnic. "Mummy, Daddy, look what I found." Said Rose, as she showed them the tea-cup poodle.

"Aw, she's so cute." Said M1. "And she looks hungry," Said Jayko as he took out a small piece of meat and filled a little cup with water, "Here Rose, give these to your new friend." Once the meat and cup were in place, Rose put the little poodle in front of the cup.'as the little poodle eat it all up.

'i seem to remember that mom had the same poodle. 'she doe not look like gia, 'no sis before gia mom had a little black tea cup poodle name gem when i was younger she would love that little dog  but when she was about 20 they put her to sleep. 'ohh poor grandma.

"Yes, she felt sad for sometime before Gia came into her life." Said Raven. "Mummy, Daddy, can i keep her?" Asked Rose.
"I don't see why not." Said M1. "Very well Rose, but she's your responsibility, you'll have to feed her, clean her, take her for walks and stuff like that." Said Jayko.

"OH Thank you and don't worry i'll take good care of her." Said Rose as she picked up the little Poodle, "I think I'll call you gem in honor of Grandma's tea-cup poodle." Little gem braked happily and wagged her tail. "she jump into rose coils, 'ohh she like my coil. 'honey just don't coil her you might hurt her,

'yes mommy.Rose patted gem on her head gently and got out a little blanket. "Here you g gem." Said Rose as she wrapped the blanket around Gem. Gem enjoyed the feel of the coils and blanket. "as the sun shine on a lovely day 'they enjoy there day at the park. "as rose throw a stick so gem could fetch it .

"Gem caught the stick and happily trotted back to rose carrying it back to her. "Good Girl." Said Rose, as she gave Gem another pat on the head. Gem replied with a lick to the face once the stick was out of her mouth" "then who should be at the park that day. 'it was Rodger the bully  you see he hate monster he think there freak.

"hey freak what with pooch. 'her name is gem for your big fat   information. 'ohh a pooch blab what an ugly dog i on the other hand has a purebred dog Jacky come and meet the freak pet. 'as a maltese dog walk to his side she had a blue bow on her head as she graa at gem.

"Gem was scared. Jayko and M1 then appeared. "Alright Roger, take your dog and scram." Said M1. "Leave our family alone." Said Jayko. "what are you going to do about  eat me i dare you. 'naga don't eat people now get, 'ohh am scare. "then raven walk up to him, " 'Rodger you know it that your mom a monster too right,

'um will.  i know   in fact that you are adopted now if you don't stop this il tell your mother.Yes ma'am." Said Roger as he and Jacky took off. "There, there honey, he's gone now." Said Jayko as he patted Rose's head. "i hate him he so nasty i just want to coil him and squeeze the gut out of him,

"no honey remember what granny say if you bully someone you become a bully yourself she learn it the had way right sis, 'she did indeed m1 , 'hpmm but he his mother is a monster right he should respect all monster i don't get him at all."He's just not use to this new life that's all." Said Jayko.

Gem then decided to cheer Rose up by licking her face. "thank girl. 'come on let get  some frozen yogurt ok, yum peanut butter reeses pleas hahahaa. 'as she stilther off  with gem, 'honey before we do we need  a dog collars and name tag for gem, 'then il give her pup a collar .

'as bianca jump off her bloom and landed on the ground, 'thank wanda for the flyng, "no p got to go/ "as wanda fly off, 'ohh boy gandma, "Rose slithered up to Bianca to show her her new pup. "Look this is my new dog Gem." Said rose. Gem barked and wagged her tail happily after seeing Bianca.

'ohh my she look so much like me gem if i had learn that youth spell early in my days i could of keep her for a long time al will here take this it belong to my gem, 'ahh mom shouldn't we buy one, 'nonsense it sill a good collar beside i made this collar forgem when she was alive but it her now.

'then gem jump into her arms, 'ohh you are welcome i miss her so, 'as bianca hug gem and give her to rose,   "now did any one say a frozen yogurt am paying  let go . "as bianca walk with rose and gem, 'i cant believe the way she act, 'jayko remember she has a special mind.

"You're right, i keep forgetting that." Said Jayko. "Once the yogurt was bought, everyone sat down and enjoyed it. They even got a special yogurt for Gem to have. "here you go rose recess for you nd me cholate for jayko and strawberry  crunch for m1 and dog liver flavor treats  for you gem. 'thank granny, "no p as a child they never had dog liver flavor treat yogurt they thought it was ad for dogs,

"mom can i hang out with granny today pleas she could help me find stuff for gem,"Sure, Since mum knows more about looking after dogs, I think it'll be a great Idea." Said M1."beside m1 you have go to the Council meeting , 'ohh thank for reminded me love, 'as she kiss them al and vanished into thin air.

"ok rose be good for granny, 'as jayko kiss her  as he stilther off to his job as a teacher.  "raven will you be joining us, "I don't see why not." Said Raven.'as they finish there treat they walk to a pet shop own by a werewolf known as mr.claw. "Aw hello ladies, How may I help you?" Asked Mr. Claw as Rose,

raven and Bianca walked into the shop. "We would like to buy some stuff for my new dog Gem." Said Rose, as she held up Gem.
"I think I got just what you need, follow me." Said Mr. Claw. "as they follow him though the shop there was baby dragon, 'flying pigs winged tiger, 'bullfrog and Cheshire Cats kitten,

"Here we go." Said Mr. Claw as they arrived at a shelf full of stuff for Dogs like Gem, "This is all you need for Gem. Food, beds, toys, brushes, bows, collars, leashes, dog houses, even little coats for cold days." "thank you mr.claw but we have a collar here  the money, 'and here your stuff my what a lovely pooch might be good enough to enter the dog show.

"You think so?' Asked Rose, sounding excited.  "I know so." Said Mr. Claw. "when is it sir, 'hmm tomorrow night. 'what do you say rose should let her enter it,Oh Yes, I want to show everyone hoe cute Gem is." Said Rose, sounding more excited. "gem was also excited judging by the way she was barking and wagging her tail.

"you and her in the show ha don't make me laugh, 'Rodger why would say that. "you and that pooch ha like i said don't make me laugh, 'son don't bully. 'as his mother walk up. 'ohh miss.g how are you is he, 'yes he been picking on her. 'son the only way to make friends is to be nice, 'not going to happen.

'ohh wha a cute gem, 'that her name miss.goodness  she my new puppy.Miss goodness patted Gem gently on the head. She licked her hand in return. "I think she likes you." Said Rose with a smile. 'hmmp that pooch wont win, 'as he run off. 'oh am sorry about him, 'may take from me you are to soft  id you show him your tough side he will listen, 'but i cant  i deiced to be a good monster.

'you can but as a mother you have to hard on them i call it tough love here take this book it help. 'as they walk out of the shop.I can't wait for the dog show." Said Rose. "now hold it rosebud if you want to win you  must train her to fetch to stay to heal to brig to do trix come on let get to your house.

'as bianca teleported them m1 house, 'they begin to teach gem a few trix,They taught her how to beg, roll over, fetch, sit, stay, play dead, heal and how to sniff out treats. Amazingly, Gem was a fast learner. "now there one more trixs that she must learn, 'what that granny. dancing and we need gia, 'as gia was teleported to rose home.

"gia was use to being teleport, 'gia my angel since i enter her about let see seven years, 'did you granny, 'yep she win seven with the dance now gia think of gem as sister i know you been wanted a frend of your own she need your help to dance, "aww aunt raven ohh i hear is barking from granny.

'your granny is talking to her and dog language she has a special way with animal. 'is that understand gia, 'gia bark in a happy way, 'now let leave gia and gem and some rose mary tea,"Yes Granny." Said Rose, "Now gem be good and listen to Gia."

Gem barked and wagged her tail. "so your gem a hmm bianca told me i should each you. 'yes, 'but first where did you com from, 'i was kick out of my home the owner who had my parent they only wanted brown tea cup poodle and i was the runt and a black one, "gia rub her head with her,

'you poor dear will i must in from you that when you are a part of this family you have nothing to free. 'but what is rose and her father. 'there nags half humen half snake bianca has a son like them but he was not born like them but that another story now bianca has about 16 children how ever much of them have grown,

"ohh who are the younger, 'ravennie the twins nag and timmy but  i remember when bianca was 21  she adopted me into the family back then it was sarah kiki raven raveo  an nick.jr."Wow, that's a lot of kids.' Said Gem. "will her little family grow big so you must learn to do this,

'as gia stand up on her back legs like a humen. "ohh my how. 'sample as a pup bianca would motivate me to walk by using these, "as as gia took out a bag  of yummy treat, 'now are you ready train .Yes I'm ready." Said Gem, as she wagged her tail with joy. "gem started to stand on her back legs then fell.

'do it again gem, ' so for too hour  gem try to stand on her back legs, "then when  the gang ate dinner . "gem walk into the hole standing on too leg like gia,"OH wow! Look Gem is walking in her hind legs. "then gem sate on her bed to rest, 'here you go girl eat up tomorrow where going to beat that bully.

'as bianca petted gia, 'will done my girl gia you are a good dog now let eat dinner, 'then m1 and jayko came home,"We're home." Said Jayko as he and M1 cam through the door. "So what's for dinner?"Asked M1. i made pizza. 'ohh mom thank for cooking dinner. 'no p dear now site down and get there cheese wit mushroom on it.

'They all sat down and ate there dinner. Bianca of course gave the doggies some special food. "so what the new m1, 'will me and nag have deiced to created a school for humen and monster and iv already told the mayor of our town he say it might be a great idea and nag has send message to the naga villages .

"Excellent." Said Bianca. "So long as you leave that big bully out of it." Said Rose " 'rose  the school is for all  humans even him, 'but granny, 'no butt now eat  now i know for a fact it might take a while for the school to be build but i can use my. "no mom we agree to do it with out magic , "but i could, 'mom pleas it our project .

""OK you win." Said Bianca. "as they ate there piazza meanwhile miss.goodness try to talk to her son,Roger I don't like the way you treat our neighbors." Said Miss goodness. "i don't care, 'as he read his comic, 'son do you know why i took you in, 'um no, 'i took you in  because you had no one to earn  trust you must be kind,

"me no i rather chew on crud, 'that no way to talk to me am your  mother, 'no your my step mother, 'where your dad a he give you up  he didn't want you, 'so i don't care, "son  the reason why he  stop living with us was that when you were born he fine out that i was a monster,

'hmm, 'i had the power to turn into a  humen but he fine out one day when i feeding you he walk up to me and he said that he look into my paper he was very mad at me for lying then he knew that he could never raise a half humen child, 'what but am humen look t me i have humen teeth hair eyes there nothing wronged with me,

"True but you're half human half monster, your powers and features will take time to develop." Said Miss goodness,"no am not one of you. 'as he ran into his tree house. son ohhh jacky go on girl go to him, "as jacky walk to the house, 'he as crying 'me  a monster no i want to be humen not like her.

'Jacky came and snuggled up to Roger. "woh jacky how did you clime dogs cant clime, 'as he look down at her, 'i give him the power to clime up the tree, "as he hug jacky. "she is my mother maybe i should be nice to her. 'as he clime down with jacky  he hug his mother, 'ohh son am sorry your father was,

'i know a dork."I hope you'll try to be nicer to others from now on." Said Miss goodness, 'as he ran to his room, 'hmmp i sill don't like that rose hmp she so yuck but i wont let mom know that .meanwhile, Gem's training continued."gem learn to do the triple filp. 'will done gem who my little pup yes you are.

"alright time for bed, 'ok mom night dad  night mom night granny night aunt raven, 'night  rose we love you, 'as rose and gem to bed,Here you go Gem, A little bed just for you." Said Rose as she showed Gem a nice cute little basket with blankets to match.
When Gem was put in she quickly snuggled into it.

'i love you gem sleep tight. 'as bianca  and raven went  home m1 and jayko were off to bed."Rose really loves Gem." Said M1.
"I'm sure they'll win tomorrow." Said Jayko, as he and M1 went to bed. "as they sleep though the night and by the next day  m1 cook up some pancake .

"as jayko site the table rose and gem were up."Morning you two, did you sleep well?" Asked Jayko. "Yes daddy we did." Replied Rose with a smile. Gem happily barked in agreement with her tail wagging. "here you go rose pancake and here you go gemyummy yummy.

Once the bowl was on the floor, Gem quickly dug in to it."as bianca pop right in, 'good morning , 'hi granny morning"Hello everyone, and hows little gem today?" Asked Bianca. "she fine mom how gia, "as gia walk in with a bone for gem, "as she give it to her, "ohh that nice of gia to do that.

'gia think of gem as a sister,Gem thanked Gia by licking her on the cheek before helping herself to the bone. 'how grandpa doing granny, 'he fine  dear as always , 'then ken came, "hello rose, 'grandpa, "as she ran up to him. 'ohh look at you your pretty as your mother i heard from a little bird that you fine a puppy in the park.

""I did, her name's gem." Said Rose, pointing to Gem. Ken smiled as she chewed on the bone. "hello ken how are you. 'fine how about you. 'never been better, "aww rose why not you take the dogs into the back yard.OK, come on doggies, let's head outside." Said a happy Rose.

The dogs followed her outside with Gem cutely carrying her bone in her mouth. "She'll most likely bury it when she get's outside." Said Jayko. "So long as she doesn't bury it in my flower patch." Said M1. Everyone laughed at the comment. "come on you too pleas get along you guys are marry right dad what is  happen.

""It's a long story." Said Ken. "i know the story dad she had no choose she had too yumi need a mother."That's true." Said Bianca. "yeah but now you have too husband now that green guy and me, "will you can turn into a snake and he from a diffent planet pleas let get along for rose pleas.

"Well, ok for rose's sake we'll do our best to get along." Said Ken.  "Meanwhile, Rose was outside playing with the dogs. Gem had found a nice spot to bury her bone and luckily for M1 it wasn't in the flower patch. 'then one of rose friends came . 'rose you wont believe me.

"what is it, someone took daisy, 'ohh no not your little lab, 'i took her out to do her thing then i turn around and she gone, 'did you tell your mother. 'i did daddy sill looking but she gone there another thin do you jimmy dog. 'oh yeah the yolky wait don't tell me. "yeah it been going around last night most of the dog in our neighborhood had been dognapped,

"Rose then picked up Gem and Gia and hugged them."thank for warning me  betty. 'guys. 'it was Rodger, 'some one stole my dog she gone iv look everywhere, 'ohh  this is bad, 'your telling me rose can your parents do anything there the powerful guys in our town,"I'll go tell them right now." Said Rose as she took the dogs inside.

"Mummy, Daddy, Granny, someone's going around kidnapping all the dogs in town." Said Rose once she was in the house, 'what ok tell me who was the first dog to be taking. 'and just like that bianca take charge of this problem , 'first betty then jimmy and Rodger. "that not all when i was running to com here my friends lost there dogs too.

" ok betty do you have anything that belong to daisy. "yeah her chew bone here, 'as bianca took the bone. 'gia smell it,Gia smelled the bone and quickly got Daisy's scent. "rose il be using your skateboard ok. 'yeah sure go a head, "the rest go into 1 car i thin gia know the way, 'as they all ran into the car, 'gia let rock and roll. 'as bianca hold on to gia leash .

'gia pull her as she follow the smell.Everyone else followed in Jayko's car. "as bianca ride like the wind she skated over a wall into a tunnel on the pipe line, "cant you go any faster mom, 'then  put your sitbelt kids, 'as she press a button the car turn into a jet car it ride though the air.

""WHEE! Said Rose, as she held on to Gem. "as gia pull her to a an old cottage,Good work Gia." Said Bianca. 'as  bianca give gia a drink, 'they all look inside by looking into a window until they heard them talking, 'joe these puppy will make us rich once we teach them to fight in the dog ring we are rich.

"yeah il be able to take my girlfriend to new York. 'and il be a happy guy ahahhahaha. 'so that the reason to get them to fight dang that so low, 'let me at them . 'hold it ken that wont do look they have guns. 'm1 you go sneak inside there hide out and jayko grabbed there attention.

""On it." Said Jayko, as he headed for the door. "then jayko slam on the roof, 'hey what was that joe. 'i don't know let check it out. 'as they rush to the roof . 'm1 sneak in and took the key and she let them out and they ran into m1 call. "then bianca call cleo."hi hthere we have too guys steeling dogs to  teach them to fight in a dog ring,

'what ok am on it where is it, "in a forest by an old cottage, "as cleo got her men into there cars they drive up. "cleo saw the signs that her mother left be hide , 'then jayko scare them to sleep. "they were tight up."That'll teach you bozos a lesson on dognapping." Said Jayko, as he dusted off his hands.

'as Cleo came with the police. 'thank mom for letting us know. 'it was them who save the dogs i was just helping. 'm1 you should join us in the police force . 'no it not my thing . 'as the police  took the villain sto jai. 'what the time bianca, ohh it almost time for the dog show. 'as bianca teleported them home to get ready,

"Rose got to work Giving Gem a bath once they got Home. Gem enjoyed poking her head out of the bubbles. 'as she wash he down in a gentle way then she blow dread her fur and brush her and put a red ribbing, 'all the kids work on there dog, 'Rodger brush his dog down and made sure she was pretty,

"Jacky loved being brushed. "your going to win my jacky yes you are, 'son it time let move itt, 'coming mom come on jacky,Jacky followed Roger "as miss.goodness drive them to the dog show bianca gang was already there,Gem was wagging her tail, she was so excited and nervous. So was Rose.

"bianca hug rose, 'it k she be fine remember you are a grottolo don't forget that and she one as will.Yes Granny we'll remember." Said Rose with a smile. Gem let out a cute bark in agreement. 'hello folk today is the young pup dog show.Everybody cheered. "our first round is best grooming our first is rose's grandchild to Bianca.g if anyone know about bianca her dog gia won about seven in a row and now it her dog turn let see,

"as the judge inspect  gem, ohh good balance her fur is brush with love aww she sit sill like a statute very good ten points now let Rodger with jacky.Roger then brought in Jacky. Once on Stage, Jacky sat at attention like a soldier dog."hmm nice fur oh a good bow and oh my hmm11 point.

"next is betty with her pub daisy ohh cute eye fur and stand him seven."Good girl Daisy." Said Betty. Very soon, all the dogs were examined. "our next  round is who is the fastest every dog come over here, 'good luck gem,All the dogs got to the starting line.
"read, set, GO!" Said the judge.

And off they went. To everyone's surprise, Gem was quickly overtaking the other dogs, even Jacky. And so, Gem crossed the finish line and won. Everyone cheered. "Wow, she's fast for her size." Said Bianca. 'as gem pass daisy  jacky and the other she won the race, "meanwhile all off rose aunt and uncle were cheering "wow gm sure fast, 'but of course nick.jr rose train her to be the best,

"but sarah gia help gem as will. 'you are right sally, 'i agree rose she so much like m1, 'that true Kiki, "our next round is talent,All the dogs lined up to show their talents. "ok gem show them what you can do, 'as gem walk nd dance and juggle ball in the  air. 'astounded move will you get eleven,

"Everyone clapped and cheered for Gem. Jacky was next. "sit jacky, 'she sate, 'roll over, 'she roll over, 'fetch, 'she fetch the ball. 'good very good  ten now let see the other,Betty came on stage with Daisy. She brought out a big ball and Daisy rode on it. "ohh my she good  eleven .

'nice job betty, 'thank so to you. "our very last round will be a search and fine there is a hiding prize that smell of liver treats f anyobe of your pup fine it there the winner now one two goe!. 'and the dog begin to smell it out, "let hope gem win, 'she will, 'but little did bianca knew the spirit  of  her gem was watching .All the dogs searched hard for the treats. After a few minutes, Gem found the treats.

'and the winner is gem, 'everyone cheer for gem and rose as  her family came to  there side, 'then bianca felt  something as she look down at her leg she see her gem stone, 'she sate down to pet her. 'gem stone is that you my baby i miss you."her gem lick her face, 'pleas stay with me i miss you so much.

'gem stone  begin to cry for bianca so gem possessed gia  with out anyone knowing it, ;'then bianca held her up. 'ohh my baby, "then she and gia went to congratulate rose and gem.Gem jumped into Rose's arms and licked her face. "You did it gem you one." Said a happy Rose. "she did, 'ere you go young one a gold bone  a for gem and a medal to you for raising a smart pup.

'will done rose, 'as Rodger held out his hand the shake hands, "nd that our story, end
Chimeratrix by Jayko-15
This is my latest OC Chimeratrix, a villain i plan to use in a future Stroy with Raventhdool/Mewt66.…
it was a normal day for bianca as she was in her lab tested a new energy , 'hmm am not sure this will work mother, 'ohhh raven it will by using lav as a power it be ten time more stonge now let test, 'as bianc press he button, 'it begin to walk, 'aww see what did i tell you raven it poweringmy new moto bike , 'yeah but lava power ohh it dangerous mom, "not as lon we have this a lava prove shild, 'then there was a bleeping sound.

'ahh mom there a call, 'hmm from who. 'your cousin, 'no not him fene hook him up."hello bianca, "cousin eggman what do you want,"Can't I have a reason to talk to you?" Asked Dr Eggman.i sopose so dear cousin what up. 'my mother want us to get along, 'you mean great aunt anne.g right, 'right, 'so she want us to get along how can i put this no YOU TURN MY SON INTO A NAGA!,

"Is there anyway I can make it up to you?" Asked Dr. Eggman. "one thing only you have to stop chasing sonic, 'me never he my enemy. "ohh come on cous he has a family now Amy is marry to him now . 'i know that but it what i do. "ohh boy Eggman your the same as ever, "look i can other things but that, you see that reason why your evil me i give up that life style along time ago.

'i know you were the top evil villain our family but you give it up, 'i had a family Eggman all you have is those stupid robots,Scram you metal morons." Said eggman. "yes you. "you talk to big bianca what abut your clones, "i don't know what your talking about,"Don't play dumb." Said Eggman.

'i don't clone my self, 'yes you do you send them out just hang to with your kids when you want to b alone, 'wait what mom is that true, 'um i will fine yeah i have clone but am busy half the time hpmm. 'you got nothing to say am shock. 'and what that sopose to mean Eggman,

'that you talk to much you prove to be un intelligent , ' yeah right look what i have i have a factory a huge and powerful family and iv created veggie meat and what have you done that was great hpmm?.Eggman thought. for a moment, 'see you got nothing Eggman, "i have my lab, 'yes but you use it to try to get sonic i swear how did my aunt had a son like you,

'Well," Said Eggman. "THAT EOUGH!, 'then in a bolt of light anne walk in, 'hi aunt anne, 'don't you hi me bianca now listen put you will spend three days with your cousin, 'but, 'but nothing bianca, 'then bianca was teleported to Eggman home with a bag of cloth, 'and by the way if you teleported back here il take your powers,

'"Yes Aunt Anne." Said a disappointed Bianca. 'as bianca thought this was the worst thing that happen, 'hat my mother you know, 'i know ohh, 'Robotnik.jr you will treat bianca as nice as can be got it, 'yes mother i will. 'as anne vanish, 'so it look like am force to stay here for three day cous ,

'come i show you to your room, 'as they walk bianca see robots dusting the halls and robot cooking food and robot buildens trap guns to get sonic,".cous how can you live like this?. 'what do you mean bianca, 'going after sonic why keep doing this you been doing it ever since you met him, 'yes i know but it how it is like you say it,

'i don't say that a lot, 'you do bianca here, 'as bianca enter a room it was clean a bookshelf and bed, 'hmm it good room i think il go out for a walk, 'now wait bianca didn't my mother told us to what the word hang out, 'ohh that sure what are yur plas Eggman,"Maybe playing some games together." Said Eggman.

'um Eggman where both adult let think something that you know for our age,How about going to the museum?" Asked Eggman."is there one all i see out there is tree how about a walk,"Very well." Said Eggman. "as bianca un pack first she got out her summer dress, 'let go then Eggman, "as bianca zap up a picnic, 'a picnic that so childish of you bianca,

'so i see you begging a huge backpack what inside of it," he begin to sweat, 'alright hand it here, 'no it has ahh more food and drink , 'nice try come on handed it here, 'as he drop it bianca dig out ray guns trap Minnie bomb and superglue, 'ohh boy your too much look he has a twins now he cant be dealing with you now,

"Sorry force of habit." Said Eggman. "yeah what ever come on, 'as they walk outside meanwhile Amy and her daughter Sonia. 'mom these smell great, 'ohh i know dear they will bloom into bigger flowers with so much love, then manic un past by them, "son where are you going, 'got to meet uncle shadow he with dad see you,

.have fun son, 'mom why is shadow our uncle, 'will consider that there alike they both run there both hedgehogs and will sonic treat him like an older brother it would make scent since there you know, 'ohh ok mom, "Amy patted Sonia's head.'mom tell me about your wedding pleas,

'will ok dear will it was a long time ago. 'flashback. 'it was the day we been waiting for the day when sonic marry Amy rose. "everyone was at the church there was tails Knuckles was with Rouge the Bat, "and shadow was there too but he was hiding as always.
"heck everyone was there to watch the wedding of sonic the hedgehog and Amy rose.

"in a room cream and cheese and Vanilla were getting Amy ready for her wedding, "oh cream iv been waiting all my life to get marred and here my day. "oh Amy we are so happy for you right mom. "right Amy you look like a rose it time are you ready, "yes I am.Amy was so excited.

"meanwhile sonic was nervous about this it been a year since he ask Amy to marry him, "oh boy fighting Eggman is easy but this is hard, "hey sonic calm down you should be happy that you get your wives come on. "your right knuckles beside I really love her.
"then there was silence in the church.

"as the music play the huge doors open and cream came in with flower she throw them all over the fall. "then she came out Amy was glowing like a angel she was holding hands with tails,"as they walk to the end sonic look at Amy and he was blushing with passion in his eyes as he saw his blushing bride to be.

"and a old bird begin to speak, "we are all here for these too hedgehogs for there about to go on a journey of love they go to the west you young lovers as I see you are one as the hearts shall be in love Amy will you be his wives to love to grow old and to be as one."I do." Said Amy.

. "yes sonic will you love and perfect her as long as you live, "I I do I love her even those she was a pain but I grow to love her, "then in the power of love you are one the ring pleas., then cheese pass the rings to Amy and sonic then as they kiss. "Eggman came in and his robot grabbed rose, "HELP! HELP SONIC, "HAAHAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HER NEVER, "OH YEAH WANA BET, "THEN SONIC BLAST THROUGH THE AIR AND DISTROYED HIS BOT THEN HE RAN.

""I wish he would just give up already." Said Sonic."oh my hero. ""that night they party thy had cake fun and races."oh sonic this the happy day for us I love you, "and I love you to so when I saw him trying to hurt you I know that I do love you Amy. "they kiss they were perfect for each other, "and that how your father and i were marry, 'ohh that was great story mom,Thank you dear." Said Amy.

'meanwhile at the tree. 'so where is manic, 'come on bro he be here see he came, 'as manic run up into the tree, 'manic your late, 'sorry uncle shadow, 'no sorry boy if you want to run fast as we do you must not be late,, 'now shadow don't be too hard on the little dude he only a kid. 'he should wise up there danger in this world, 'the danger i know is dr.eggman he always up to something,

""Indeed he is." Said Shadow."ok let speed up son, 'as the father and son and shadow race each other, 'bianca was enjoying seeing the birds the animal but Eggman was slow and sweaty, "come on cous you can do better then that, 'ohh shut up it too hot, 'here have some snow, 'as bianca use her power to snow on him,

"Was that necessary?" Asked Eggman. "heheheh yeah it was. 'as she remove the snow, 'come on let sit and eat, 'it has been two hour fine, 'as they sate bianca hand him a egg chees sandwich she had a peanut butter sandwich they drink apple juice. "hmm this feel nice some how, 'how so Eggman,

'We never hang out like this, 'i know back as a kid we were pal but when that happen, 'how is nag, 'he fine but he know about you and if he ever se you will he will kill you, "ohh it was for science, 'yeah right, 'as they ate then with out warning the three hedgehogs ruin there picnic by running though there food.

"Oh I hate hedgehogs." Said an angry Eggman. "i know you do but this can be fix, 'as bianca fix the picnic there food had change to donut and tea, "how come you were born with the powers, "what do you talking about Eggman,You can do all these extraordinary things, it's like magic." Said Eggman.

"will your mother has too brother with power and yeah i know your her son you are sopose to get them but me will they came to me i don't know why i was just Lucy i guess but happen power is not so easy as you think. 'ohh come on bianca with that power you could rule the world. 'yes i could but i choose not to Eggman i hide my power when i met slade but other villains they fine out .

'how so bianca, 'will they spy on me to see my weakness and that my kids my family even when i was young they would try to use my sister i kept my parents out of this mess my sister knew she believe in me that my power are for good but then your uncle they tried to make me evil by hurting my sister and in the end.

"Oh I see." Said Eggman. "being powerful is no fun now you Eggman you haewill this home you don't have to deal with anyone that evil all you have is your robot,True." Said Eggman. "then a lighten bolt shock bianca to the bone. "ouch what hit me. "i don't know ho do you feel.

"in pain but i can heal with my power , 'as bianca heal her self, 'ok am ok but where did that come from,"Don't know." Said Eggman."then a lighten bolt hit Eggman, 'ouch ohh i feel ohh. 'hold sill Eggman, 'as bianca heal his warns, 'there how you feel. 'great but who is doing this, 'then cloud came and begin to shot at them,

'aww run Eggman run,They started to run for the hills. "they ran past sonic, 'hey why Eggman is running, 'from that bro it a dark cloud, 'should we help them shadow, 'i don't know who that girl is but let go. 'as they speed up. "sonic took hold of bianca, "aww it you your sonic , 'you know of me, 'yes as a child i heard about you,

'then shadow save Eggman, 'huh what the, 'don't say a word Eggman.Eggman felt embarrassed being saved by his enemies. "where are we going where you taking us, 'to my home where you guys can sill if i know that cloud it will go as expected to wait for you, "as they ran super fast she call amy on the phone,

'Amy we are going to have guess Eggman and Bianca.g, 'what Eggman no he evil. 'i know but he and his lady friend are in danger they been chase by a dark cloud, 'hold it sonic am Eggman cousin you dork,This news shocked Sonic. "Eggman I didn't know you had a cousin." Said Sonic. "Because you didn't ask blue boy." Said Eggman.

'just tell Amy i like rosemary tea ok. 'i heard her il get thing ready hope to meet you miss bianca, 'as the phone went off, "bro should you let your wives know, 'rough will il let her know later, 'then manic came, 'what up dad woh your helping him, 'son look be hide you that is a mad cloud it after these too ohh son this is bianca cousin to Eggman, "

'i to brake this talk between son and father but CAN YOU MORE ANY FASTER!,Sure can." Said Sonic. "as they ran superfast the cloud could not keep on following them. "as they reach the house they enter it doors and sonic put bianca down and lock the door, "hello miss .g, 'ohh pleas call me bianca and you must be Amy.

'indeed i am here, 'ohh thank you ohh it smell good miss Amy, 'ohh just call me Amy here Eggman some tea,' yeah thank, 'now why are those cloud trying to kill you bianca 'we don't know why sonic today i came over for the weekend to spend time with my cousin and we both hate each other.

""I know the feeling." Said Sonic. "why do you hate him bianca, 'ohh ay he turn my son into a naga that half humen and snake, 'ohh dear poor boy, 'i was a young mother he and his pls need the help and than to him my son a naga but i know a few good guys to help me raise him he as strong as me and if he met Eggman ohh you can image how mad he can get,"I see your point." Said Shadow.

'i know that you were created in lab so you probity know the feeling . 'yes i did being in test tubs and being treated bad, 'they both look at Eggman, 'what, 'if am not mistaking wasn't it your great grandfather who created shadow, "yes it was him he only created to prove a point but now shadow has a life and wives,

'woh your marry to who shadow, 'um will i,.he blush,Shadow felt embarrassed. "how did you become his cousin miss.g. 'Sonia you should not ask that question, 'no it ok am will my aunt was in collage they but met in the science lab they were working on there own project until he made a big mistake,

'What did he do, 'he blow up the lab anne didn't want him to be in trouble so he use her powers yes i have too but he doe not, 'hpmm, 'anyway his father saw what she did he thank her by showing her his top secret lab where they work together to created a project for there last test to be graduation.

""I see." Said Sonic. "which they both past and end up in love they spend so much time when buildens they love each other and that how this guy was born . 'ohh so that how, "yep sonic al true now i have think why is that cloud after me, 'don't you mean us bianca, 'mm ohh yes of course sorry.

""I'm not sure." Said Sonic. "bianca do you have any enemy that can control the weather, 'no Eggman i don't there madman a witch a few snake but no one i can think of, 'bianca is the cloud sill at my house, 'bianca use her power to see if it there, "can we see this cloud of dark bianca,

"sure kids, 'then bianca created screen like tv so they could see the cloud "hmm yeah it sill there, "why not just teleport it away, 'ok here it go . 'then bianca made it disappear. 'good it gone, 'not so Eggman, 'it came back to the house as they saw it return, "what ohh man it must be a magical,

'maybe we should use scenic instead of magic, 'and what wronged with magic i can destroy it, 'then bianca made too giant hand as they floated though the window and fly to the cloud as the hand smash and rip it up it was gone, ' she magic better then science >'um look again miss.bianca, 'what but they how ohh man,

"Thanks cous." Said Eggman. "bianca turn away blushing, 'just do it already dude. 'as he build about for an hour amy and bianca chatted about there husbands,"So Bianca what's your husband like?" Asked Amy. "ohh he a leader of the word conceil nd he has a strong will mind,

'good as for he will it took me a long time to get him, 'ohh i know as a kid i heard you would chae him to be with him, "amy blush, 'yeah i know how did you meet your guy."Interesting story about that." Said Bianca, 'then as bianca was about to tell the story, 'iv done it ready, 'then let go suck that cloud in Eggman

"as Eggman and the gang go to get rid of that cloud someone was watching, "then as they fine the dark cloudhe press the button and suck it in, 'ohh finally we can relax, 'then another cloud came, 'what the hay why, 'sonic look. 'then a amy of cloud apped. 'but how what, "a guy in a dark hood came,Who's that?' Asked Amy..

'then he order his cloud to zap all of them, 'ouch ouch ehh ohh, 'they were all getting zap. 'quick run int my home, 'what do you mean your house Eggman don't you mean mine house. 'ahh guys JUST GO IN THERE, 'the girls yelled at them,They all headed inside, 'this is nut who is this,

'listen up you fool am here to get little miss know it all. "they all look at bianca,Why am I not surprised?" Asked Bianca. "as bianca walk out, 'no don't bianca he will use you, 'it normal Eggman look i have to do this to keep all of you safe , 'no i wont let you, 'then bianca floated him to a chair as she walk out,

""Here I am, take me." Said Bianca. "very will. 'as he was about to zap bianca, 'Eggman push her out of the way and Eggman was taking instead,Bianca and everyone else was stunned to see that sacrifice, 'hoid it where did you take him, 'to my castle if you want him come and get him ahahhahaha,

'as he vanish. I cant believe he did that for me but why, 'your his family bianca even i can understand i though of marie as my only family and from what i hear your family is his we must save him, 'i agree with shadow,"Ok let's go." Said Bianca. 'Amy you stay put 'be care ful sonic, 'as bianca cast a spell

'to north to wind to west we will go where he is there, 'then they wee teleported to the shadow man home it was a dark castle where there were seven robot like solders ,"halt, who goes there?' asked one of the guards. "then shadow cobble all the robot into dust, "then sonic destroy all the alarms in the castle.

"as they run inside. 'meanwhile Eggman was force to build robot and each time he was done buildens them they would go to fight bianca, 'at this time Eggman didn't know that bianca and those hedgehog would be saving him from this shadow guy, 'keep builden you fatman . 'it Eggman, 'what ever.Eggman did as he was told.

'then the shadow man send a giant robot after those three, "as it try to smack them, 'they would teas it, 'punch it bottom, 'then shadow spine around him super fast and it was in to a tornado, 'the robot fly out of the castle and into the air. ". 'then a giant snake came in and try to coil them.

'but the three had an idea they ran all over the place and the snake coil were tried up in a hug knot. 'we got him, 'as they all high five each other, 'even shadow give them a high five, 'then as they ran into a nit trap."I hate these." Said Shadow. "then bianca use her claw to rip the trap apart.

'how did you wow, 'yep you don't want to know how i got these let go. 'meanwhile, 'i cat keep beating with out knowing what are you using for , 'take a look at my screen dear eggy, "he watch as his machine were trying to kill his cousin , 'what you were , 'forcing you to kill your cousin with your robots yes indeed i was,You brute." Said Eggman.

'sorry chubby but you should of join the right man i wanted you and her to join but i was wronge, 'then he press a butten and Eggman was in a cage, 'why you little. 'wahahahaha now who going to stop ME, " we will you freak.The man turned around and saw the heroes had made it.

"then sonic and shadow use double team and smack him beat him kick him and tide him in a huge rope that bianca bring. 'then bianca broke the cag e with her claw, 'Eggman are you ok, 'ohh bianca am sorry i build those, 'it ok my cousin we may been racis defiantly but we are family right.

'as they high five, 'you are indeed family, 'then when there heard anne they look around but she was not there until bianca remove the hood, 'mother, 'aunt anne why, "to get you too guys to get along, "as anne untied her self."We've been hoodwinked." Said Eggman.

'your father and i were will sick of you too fighting like when you were baby then toddles then kids then teen and will we wanted to teach you a lesson that no matter if you are evil or good that your family, 'but hat about your brothers, um will it took time for your uncle to turn good remember. 'ohh yeah uncle horn king.

"look i understand what you went though when dealing with a evil cousin but it take time to grow love friendship now come out ken" then ken stilther into the room with knot, 'Oh Ken I'm sorry i didn't know it was you." Said Bianca. "then bianca untied him, 'ohh how can you not know, 'i was in battle mode honey.

'i know am glad you learn a lesson. ""Yes Auntie." Said Bianca. "mother i was wronged to think of bianca like that she had this power. 'i know you were jealous of her son take it from me my brothers were like that but they change for the good thank to her now bianca since you prove to get along with him you can go home, 'what but i thought that i was sopose to. stay with him for three days i was kidding.

'ohh your good, 'thank my niece, 'sonic shadow i thank for i put you in danger, 'yeah will you and i and he been though worst now i got to get home to my kids and my wives. 'as for me i have to o home to see my lady, 'as they speed off."Nice fellows." Said Bianca.
"True but still a headache." Said Eggman.

'as anne teleported them back to Eggman home, 'will Eggman it was good to see you but i must get home to the kids, 'as they hug, 'bianca i apologize for all these years that we known each other i was, 'a know it all a pig a jerk a. 'ok! yeah i was like that but no more we are family, 'yep now good night cous, 'as bianca and ken teleported home, 'and anne hug hr boy and went home, end
kaa had travel to the desert , 'with this golden beetle i summon the cave of wonders 'as it glow it land in the sand. 'it form a tiger head, 'who Disturbed my slumber. 'it i kaa the humble snake. 'known this only one who is pure can only come into the diamond in the rough. 'as kaa stilther into it he was safe as he stilther though the cave he touch nothing then he fine the lamp.There it is." Said Kaa.

"ahh yes my lamp. 'is he take it with him he left the cave of wonders it vanish ". as kaa rub the lamp. ' a genie came out, 'hey there my master what up , 'so you are really genie, 'yep you got it you know it the first time my master is a snake who are you. "am kaa the snake. 'hmm you look so small. "yeah i know to you what wishes can you grant me, 'there is possible to what i can give,Please tell me." Said Kaa.

Well, Ali Baba had them fourty thieves Schertzad-ie had a thousand tales But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves You got a brand of magic never fails You got some power in your corner now Some heavy ammunition in your camp you got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and now See all you gotta do is rub that lamp And I'll say:Mr. Kaa, Sir, what will your pleasure be?

Let me take your order, jot it down You ain't never had a friend like me no no no! Life is your restaurant and I'm your Matre'de! You wanna whisper what it is you want? You ain't never had a friend like me yes sir!We pride ourselves in service You're the boss, the king, the sha! Say what you wish, it's yours, true dish! How bout a little more Bach-leva! Try some of column A Try all of column B!

I'm in the mood to help you dude, You ain't never had a friend like me! Can your friends do this? Can your friends do that? Can your friends pull this Out their little hat? Can your friends go woah! (Well, lookie here!) Can your friends go abra-cadabra, let a rip! And then make a sucker disappear?!So don't just sit there slack jawed, buggy-eyed! I'm here to answer all your midday prayers!
You got me bonafide, certified,

you got a genie for your charge'd'fairs! I got a powerful urge to help ya out So what you wish, I really wanna know! You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt, well all you gotta do is rub like so And Oh! Mr. Aladdin sir have a wish or two or three! I'm on the job, you big nabob! You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend,
You ain't never-had a-FRIEND LIKE ME!!!.

""Amazing." Said Kaa."so what do you wish, 'ok i had a friend name bianca and she went back home to Stamford and i want to see her, 'wait she humen and you want her, 'will yeah i do but am a snake if you can give me the power to be humen that would be great, 'hmm very will kaa you have the power to shipshape into anything, 'as he zap kaa, 'woh i look good, 'now what the next wish remember three, 'take me to Stamford ct pine hill ave street,

"As you wish." Said Genie. 'as genie bring him there, 'ok genie il call you if i need you, 'got it but remember one wish left, 'or i could just, 'as kaa hypnotics him, 'ohh i feel funky, 'then he fell right into kaa spell. "i wish for too more wishes , "done master. 'now all yes i remember a villain name Merlock had a magical talisman genie i wish i had Merlock talisman , 'yes my master here, 'good now then . 'as he place it on he lamp. 'hahahaa now that you will grant me any wish i want at any time, 'that true master ,

"Good." Said Kaa.'go into your lamp stay there until i call you. 'yes master "then he fine a open window he enter the houses, "he brought his entire body into the room and used his tail to close the window. "The door was slightly cracked open, and there was light coming out of it. "Kaa slowly slithered through the door and was in a short hallway but then he heard something.

"A tv was on and Kaa saw seven girls A wicked smile came across was face as he then slithered back into the room thinking how he could have seven slaves . "Hmm seven girls," Kaa thought, then he had an idea to get them all. "Suddenly there was a strange noise coming from the bedroom, "and surprised one of the girls. "Did you girls here that?" alex asked her sisters, they simply ignored her, cause it didn't sound too important.

"So alex got up and headed through the short hallway and went through the door and the door slowly closed behind her,"Hello? Anyone here?' Asked Alex. "now i know what your thinking yes ken took half of the kids on a trip to see khan and he left seven girls here un protected ,

"She quickly spun around in surprise and turned the lights on. "alex was in pure shock as she saw what closed the door, "a tail of some sort and it seemed to be blocking the door. "She saw a 40-foot long Python resting on the bed and slowly getting up. Before the teen had a chance to do anything, "she was being wrapped up by the tail of the Python starting at her ankles.

""Hello my dear." Said Kaa.,alex began open her mouth to scream but instantly, "Kaa struck at alex and making a coil around her mouth so she couldn't say anything. "Then alex was instantly coiled from her mouth down to her ankles, "with her arms at her sides in Kaa's coil. Kaa then tighten his coils to ensure that his prey was immobile,Alex mumbled in pain.

"'kaa coiled her ,"Kaa then flicked the lights off with his tail and waited for the next one . "Meanwhile the other girls soon noticed that alex was missing. "mom am going to check on aunt alex "ok honey ",So raven got up and headed up stairs to see what taking alex so long. "as raven open thee door to bianca room and turned on the lights,

"Hello? Auntie Alex, where are you?' Asked raven. ""and was staring into the eyes of Kaa Like alex she tried to scream, "Holy snake, "was all she could say because Kaa had her in his coils and began to squeeze. "raven's breath escaped through her lungs as Kaa squeezed harder. "as he put her in a trance he coiled her next to alex.

'"Two down, five to go." Said Kaa..then he hit the door by accident, "making a large noise. "Dang it," Kaa thought, "The five girls were surprised at the noise that came from the door. "They all stood up and headed for the door only to find out that it was blocked. ,sarah try to open the door but no luck. "Uh hold on girlss we'll be out in a second" "Kaa said trying to sound like raven.Bianca was suspicious.

"the girls at the door were surprised to hear a voice that somewhat sounded like raven but with a lisp. "Okay then," sarah replied with a puzzled look on her face They all left the hallway and returned to the tv,"all but sarah Kaa backed away from the door and sighed happily, then slowly turned the doorknob with his tail with a sinister smile on his face,"wonder who''l come in next?' Kaa thought to himself.

";but Sarah opened the door and saw the enormous snake may just stood there in shock, "and it was kaa the snake.Sarah was so surprised she couldn't speak.""as Kaa quickly coiledher entire body Kaa was very happy Kaa began to squeeze her, "so this one wouldn't make any noise. she faint, "and blacked out in Kaa's coils then When sarah awoke all she saw was color she feel right under his spell. 'and like the other she was his,

"Now to wait for the next one." Said Kaa."5 minuets later Kaa was relaxing on the bed with the lights off as he waited for his next slave he kept the girls asleep and made sure they never broke out of the spell. "The girls became worried for their aunt and there sisters that hadn't left the room, "What are they doing in there?" bianca asked. "They want to be alone for some reason," ravo replied. "Aw cred I left my teddy in your room mom, I'll go get it ravennie,"kiki said.

"Kiki went to the bedroom. "I'll go too I wonder what they're doing in my room aww never mind I gotta go to the bathroom, "the girls walk up stairs and bianca left them by her bedroom door and went to the bathroom, "the three girls turned the doorknob and kiki walk inside bianca room. "guys go back down stair ok. 'ohh sure come on ravennie let go. "but ravo. "as the too walk down stairs they left kiki.

"Kiki walked into the bedroom."then The door shut behind her as she reached for the light switch. "kiki was surprised that the door shut by itself but that was nothing compared to the gigantic Python starring into her eyes. "Kaa began to quickly wrap himself around the girl mouth but he was too slow, "Oh my GOD!!" she screamed.

"Kaa acted fast to keep her quiet..Furious at this Kaa wrapped around kiki body, completely All there was were coils . "then in a flash he had put her in a deep trance like her sisters and aunt. ,The two girls at the tv quickly got up, "and even bianca jumped up as they heard a sound scream form inside the room.

"They went to investigate."What the is going on?" bianca shouted in unison. Quickly the two girls at the tv ran to the door, "but couldn't open it bianca in the bathroom flushed the toilet and ran out to meet her daughter in the hallway, "standing behind her daughter . "The girls lined up in one row so they wouldn't get stuck in the hallway,

""What's happening in there?" Asked Bianca."then Kaa opened the door wide and struck bianca first in line the Kaa struck ravennie with his head so hard that he sent ravennie flying backwards into kiki, "bianca was knocked unconscious as she stumbled backwards and fell over in front of the tv. "The two girls quickly stood up in the hallway,

"What hit us?' Asked Ravennie." and starred into the eyes of their assailant a mistake that would cost them dearly. "Kaa had begun emitting the hypnosis colors in his eyes at the two girls that were staring into his eyes..The two girls went into a trance, as Kaa's hypnosis took effect. "Kaa smiled as he then wrapped the hypnotized girls in his coils.

""Now only Bianca remains." Said Kaa."He had the two girls pinned against one another in his coils, "as he lifted both of them off the floor and dragged them back into the bedroom then he coiled around bianca and bring her in too. "Once inside Kaa put them in a strong trance, 'listen to me will you girls of young i need you i love you your do what i want you shop for me you feed me you play with me,.they all smile. 'yes master where your as you want.

"Kaa smiled evilly.. "genie come out i have a wish, 'and what that might be, "i wish to be a naga, 'as you order master, 'then with a zap kaa was a naga "yes i wish that bianca would stay with me for ever."Yes master." Said Genie. "then bianca heart begin to beat, 'ohh kaa i never knew these feelings were true i love you so much,

'yes iv been wanted to hear these words you are mine for ever bianca remove that wedding rin and be mine, 'yes my love, 'as she thaw away the ring, 'they begin to kiss, "then bianca awoke from her slumber. 'ahh what a nightmare me and kaa no way, "as bianca was sweating in bed ken was sleeping so peacefully,""I'm just glad it was only a dream." Bianca thought to herself. 'as she fell asleep next to ken with a smile,end
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'as bianca was on her computer doing her homework she had her bag of things on her back, 'since she was going to school. ' then something suck her into it the computer, 'aww what the , 'then bianca was zooming into the web, "then she enter a portal an then fine her self in Mainframe. "ohh this is bad very bad where am i , 'then bianca remember tat she has her book bag, 'ok did i bring anything useful in this place let see my lunch pare of gym cloth raven my doll who sleep in a time like this il let her sleep more.

"Bianca had everything she needed."as bianca fine a huge sign, 'welcome to Mainframe hmm fascinating 'as bianca wonder around until she walk into Lost Angles. "woh this place is cool very weird yet hmm, "then cat shape bot came in, 'ohh hello what a cute ahhh cat bot, 'as she petted it, "ohh who a pretty kitty can you show me to your master or mistress pleas, 'Scuzzy floated off and bianca follow her into a dark room with a thrown,

"What a creepy place." Bianca thought to herself.'so where is your owner, 'right here child, 'then a mask append, 'ohh who are you, 'am Hexadecimal queen of chaos what are you doing here, "as her face change to a smile "as the mask vanish then Hexadecimal walk out of the shadow, 'she had this evil look in her eyes that made bianca scare, "do you realized that i could kill you child, as her face change to evil."yes miss i know but i was suck into my computer. "computer wait your a user, 'am a what,

""A person who uses the computer." Said Hexadecimal. ohhh tell me more pleas 'a user send games into our world for fun for them and what ever Sprite enter the game they have to beat the user and that you, "ohh i didn't know there was a world like this where ever am i, "you are in my home now her face change to anger 'but i don't know any one here i got no where to go, 'how old are you dear, 'um am 11 and am scare, 'even those Hexadecimal was evil but she fit pity for bianca,

"Oh you poor thing." Said Hexadecimal."her face change to sad, 'ohh dear child if you have no where to go then stay il take care of you until we can think of a way now what be your name, "as she chance her face to happy, 'am bianca so what do i do now, "let change that outfit, 'what wronged with  it?. "nothing but girls like you should wear this, 'Hexadecimal change her cloth into a red dress with black rose, 'ohh that look great thank you Hexadecimal.

""you're welcome." Said Hexadecimal. bianca never thought a virus can be nice . "' you can call me mom if that better, 'why should i ?. 'because i say so. 'ok mom, 'ohh iv always wanted a child, 'why can you not have one, 'no guy would want me am a virus. 'gulp ok mom, 'now then there are things that il teach you now lessons number one listen to me, 'yes mom, 'now lessons number too if you see a game you run as fast as you can since your not a Sprite or   a little virus . 'ohh ok mom.

""Good  lessons number three stay inside where i can see you and i will take you outside to play i know a little sprite that would love to play with you and lessons number four there my brother he dangerous,Said hexadecimal  "how so mom, "he can use what ever you have against you. "bianca hug her and shake, "ohh honey it ok your safe and lessons number five if you get hurt call me but if i cant call on bob he the Guardian .

""Who's he?" Asked Bianca'yes mommy, 'i know it going to be hard but you have us now let fine a room for you, 'then a vidwindow pop out, "ohh Hexadecimal i see you have company ohh and it a child how delightful."Who's that?' Asked Bianca."that my brother."I see, so that make him my uncle?' Asked bianca. "hat do you want brother,"I would like you to help me with a plan I have." Said Megabyte.

"doe it have to do with using my power to help you hmm?."Of course." Said Megabyte. "maybe later megabyte now  iv took her in as my own meet your niece bianca meet your uncle, 'bianca was scare but id she remember to never show fear,'hello uncle nice to meet you,Likewise my dear." Said Megabyte, 'bianca knew that this guy was a villain, 'so you really took her in i thought you hate children,"Things change." Said Hexadecimal.

"you took a child from some one who my sister, 'she follow my scuzzy and she had no place to live beside i could teach her chaos beside i think it time to have a child and too make sure that you don't hurt her il never leave her side,"Very well." Said Megabyte. 'hmm he scare me he bad  i know it , 'bianca thought, 'in any case my sister you should know that bob had spoiler my pain, 'i know my brother but he is the hero. 'and o  hate hero now what kind of thing you be teaching her sopose i could show hera few things.

You stay away form her unless you want me to turn you into a jester like i did a while back." Said Hexadecimal."'me sister i would never dare if she your family i wont who know she can use ful.Bianca didn't like the sound of that.'no i don't want to be use, 'ohh bianca of course not you will not be use, 'so what is she a lost sprite ,Hexadecimal had to keep the fact that Bianca was a user a secret from her brother.

"in a way she lost her i com so am going to see someone goodbye brother, "as she shut it off, 'i can see why he yuck i hate him, 'i know dear me too but you have nothing to fear my sweet come let go see Phong. 'as they held hand. "meanwhile hack slash do keep your eyes on bianca,Right boss." Said Hack and Slash.

"And this time no goofs or I'll send you both to the scrap heap." Said Megabyte. Hack and Slash took off in fear. "meanwhile at dot diner, "Hexadecimal walk in , "huh what you why are you here Hexadecimal."aww dot so nice to see you i came to see you dot, 'me why, 'you see i fine a lost child she had no where to go so i took her in bianca come here,Bianca walked into the bar.

' 'ohh hello there, 'um hi, 'where did she came from, 'no clue my scuzzy fine her wondering around and my brother know of her as will if i know that brute he try to use her against me pleas get her an i com she be safe,Dot though for a moment.'bianca where your home, 'i don't know i was suck in that i can think of," hex il go see Phong in the mean time you are both welcome here, 'thank you miss dot, 'would you lik a snack, 'yes pleas, 'cecil pleas bring her a energy shake.

""On it." Said Cecil. 'as he went away, "as for you hex i ask you no trouble, 'me ohh dot i would never dare beside i would never do that with bianca here she could get hurt,'here you go young lady, 'thank you sir mmmmm "and a energy cookie there my best. "thank you. 'as dot went to see Phong, 'bob walk in, 'huh hex what are you doing here planning another attack.Who me? perish the thought bob darling." Said hex.

"ohh who this, " ' this is bianca a lost child she has no family my scuzzy fine her and am taking her in as my child, 'what but iv never heard of a , 'a virus taking in a child will i have beside isn't she cute, "where do you come from ahh, 'bianca my name sir my mom told me about you that if am in danger i should call you,

"that true, said bob,  "bianca smile at him .''what else did she teach you, 'stay close to her don't get captor by uncle Megabyte, 'what ohh i forgot you too are siblings, 'yes bob as i said he give us a visited and he seem to be interest in bianca if i know my brother he want to use her, 'bianca got very scare, 'pleas keep him away if mom told me all these things about him that are true, 'don't worry your safe hey you don't have i com, "no i don't, 'that why i came here bob i ask dot to go see Phong for an i com,

""I see." Said Bob."meanwhile dot had talk to Phong, 'so she fine a lost sprite," yes Phong she has no i com and she no virus she nomal,"Interesting." Said Phong. "what do you think is this a trap or is she telling truth, ""Ask her to bring the child here, and While you do that, I'll increase security just in case." Said Phong."alright il be back. 'as dot walk back to the diner bianca had meet Enzo , 'boy it great to another kid like me where did you came from. 'ahh the net i was playing with my doll and i got suck. "oh will don't worry bob will do what ever he can right,'yeah no worry,

"at that moment, Frisket the dog came up to Bianca. "who a good boy yes you are, ' Frisket  was lettingher pet him, 'ohh who a good boy yes you are, "'how doe it feel to have Hexadecimal as your mom, 'it fine she nice once you get use to her and told me to stay away from Megabyte, 'ohh megabreath."I see people have various insults for him." Said Bianca. "yep. 'ahaha that was funny.Thanks." Said Enzo.

" "Hexadecimal are you sure you can take care of her, "yes il bring her here to play with Enzo and ic aready buy some thing she need at my home infact am working on her room she have a red soft bed a book case box of toy a soft carpet to sit on the floor when she play and other thing,That's very nice of you." Said Bob, "i know i want to make her comfortable ,

"'wow nice   red room, 'i know she love the color  the red and that what like about her, 'ohh it pretty, 'ohh you little girl that a surprise , "Oop sorry mom, 'it ok dear am glad you like it, "then dot came in.Phong would like to see Bianca." Said Dot. 'right com on bianca, 'as they held hands, 'bob you  coming, 'yeah i have too, 'can i go too sis, 'no Enzo you stay put, 'ohh sis, 'no.

'i wont go , 'what why not bianca, 'dot let him come pleas il only go if he go. 'hmm ok Enzo you can come, 'thank sis and thank bianca, "no-p. 'they walk off hack and slash follow them."There she is." Said Hack. "Let's make sure not to be seen." Said Slash. "um mom there are too dummy hide in  that bush pleas get rid of them,

'ohh very will. 'as hex teleported them back to her brother home,"Let guess, you were spotted?" Asked Megabyte. 'will i could not say that we were, 'but hack we were sotted by that bianca she knew we were in the bush but she didn't  see us, 'hmm you don't say will that new to me keep following her go. 'yes sir, 'as they went off,

'hmm this bianca something about this child, 'meanwhile , 'so this is the child, 'yes Phong hex little pet find her wondering around, "her face turn sad,"yes scuzzy bring this poor lost child to me and il mother her until we bring her home,"I see." Said Phong.will is bianca virus, "Enzo ask, ''hmm she not a virus but she hmm hard to say but il give her an i com. 'as he give her an i com . "thank you sir am bianca nice to meet you sir,

"um phong be fore we cam here  my dear bianca spotted my brother dummy as she call them, "ohh hw so, 'will i didn't really see them i just scent there were there that all. "child i would like a word with bianca alone. 'aright will be outside, 'be good dear, 'yes mom. 'as they waited outside, "there is something your not telling me  bianca,

'what do you mean  sir, 'your no sprite your a user, 'you knew, 'will yes i didn't want the other to know  anyone else  know your secret,, 'only hex know beside you sir , 'tell me how did you get into our world, 'i was doing my homework until this hole just suck me in and it true i fin myself in mainframe, 'is that all you have to tell me,

'will  am not normal i have these powers,  "What kind of powers?' Asked Phong.  i can teleport ship shape control time and nature and casting spells."That's quite a collection of Powers." Said Phong. .it is sir i was born with them the problem is those i have enemy who want to use me, 'no wonder your scare of megabyte who Elise  know. 'only you sir .That's good, the less people that know around here the better." Said Phong.

"i know mom stop hiding pleas. 'what she sill here. 'yep i scent she was in here."asshe reapped  'see how special she is. "
"so it true ahh Hexadecimal that you are taking her in as your daughter yes, 'yes i have she was alone beside iv always wanted a child iv giving her four rules like don't leave home with out me if and she is  lost call bob and if she get trap in a game then  the  beat the user and last to  stay away from my brother,

"Good rules." Said Phong "i know."I hope you'll take good care of her." Said Phong. "trust me i will come on dear let go back to dot diner i think i need a snack. 'as they hold hands,  " bob  dot and Enzo pleas watch over her i believe he will do anything, 'w e will let go. 'as dot lead them all to dot diner, 'but what they didn't know is that megabyte had a spy.Megabyte will be pleased." Said the spy from his hiding place.

'meanwhile, 'am  very disappointed in you fools you are worthless, '.will she, 'yeah she something."Indeed she is, which is more then I can say for you two scrap for brains." Said Megabyte."as the spy walk in, 'hi boss got some info on her, 'then tell me what is she, "she a user she was suck into our world it seem.Interesting." Said Megabyte, "Tell me more."

"will she has power, 'what hmm what kind, 'all kinds sir, 'hmm so my dear sister is keeping a child with power and she a user it time to meet this bianca, 'meanwhile hex had lunch at dot diner, "how evil is he mom."very evil." Said Hex, "ohh  gulp. 'don't worry bianca as long bob here your fine come on bianca i show you around,

'not so fast Enzo she need to know who friend or foe, 'ohh come on sis she know that we are all friend and that include Hexadecimal right, 'yes do not worry am only here as a mother to bianca i don't want her to be seen by my evil brother unlike me he do anything to use her he said it himself so i agree with dot you both stay here, 'ohh mom do i have too. "hey let play checker, 'ok Enzo i love that game.
And so, Enzo and Bianca started to play Checkers.'as they play, 'Hexadecimal iv always believe that you had, "no heart will i maybe a virus dot but if i choose to be  a mother then i am beside it feel wonderful to have a child, 'i can  bet that your happy but you must know she might miss home, 'i know but for now she here with me and she has a friend didn't you say that Enzo doe not have friends,

"will yes the twin city was you know, 'ohh i do dot his wish has come true my dear bianca you stay with dot il be home getting your room ready,OK mum." Said Bianca."as bianca hug her and kiss her . "ok mommy il be a good girl. 'bob keep her away from megabyte if you don't then, 'don't worry nother can ever go wronged, "then it happen hack and slash walk in' "we came for that kid hand her over, 'yeah what he say, "no i don't think so guys bianca stay here isn't that right Hexadecimal, 'right bob, 'then with a wave of her hand she thaw them out of the diner,

""And stay out." Said Dot, as she watched Hex's handy work.'ouch wow she wont let us get her, 'that true what do you tell him hack, 'i will, 'tell me what, "as they see a vidwindow append, 'we could not get her it your sister she blocking us, 'and bob don't forget him, "ohh yeah him to. 'ohh my what a inconvenience then il have to play hard to get to the child, "then megabyte had idea, "as the vidwindow vanish. 'mom why is Megabyte so evil.

"It's a long story." Said Hex. 'ohh ok. 'that hard to say my dear, 'can we go outside pleas, 'dot what should i  say to bianca, 'will 'Hexadecimal you think what best your the parent, 'hmm ok dear if Enzo can join us, 'come on dot il be good pleas, "will did you do your home work. 'yeah i did, "fine but  if anything happen to my brother, 'don't worry dot he safe."If not I'm holding you responsible." Said Dot.

"'come on kids let have some  fun, 'as they walk outside with her then she see  Frisket . "ohh what a cute dog, "as she pet him he smile at her, 'ohh he so cute, 'yeah he my best friend, 'i  have a pet too there twin black poodle um i thank you for taking me in mom. "You're welcome." Said hex with a smile.

"as they went to go on the super slide. 'meanwhile megabyte was hiding on the super slide. 'i hate doing the dirty work but some one has to, 'then bianca let Enzo go then she was about to until she was grabbed, 'ahhhhhh let go. 'not going to bianca , 'help, 'it bianca am coming. " stay where you are sister i got bianca in my hand if you come any closer she delete her from your live.hex stopped dead in her tracks.

"what are you planning to do with me. 'quite simple really your powers will help me get rid of bob, 'no i wont do it you cant make me you cant, 'ohh but i will i know your secret  and since you are my niece i will give you anything, 'never i hate villain i had  an uncle like you and he was evil as you are, 'then bianca use her sonic voice and  blw him away,Hex was surprised to see this "ohh i like that about bianca she a little me,

"and  like a foot ball  he was  blow  into his home. 'woh boss what happen, 'ohh shut up you too iv been beating by that girl   if i know my sister we will play cat and mouse,  " meanwhile bianca slide down  to  hug Hexadecimal , 'ohh he evil he tried, 'it ok why not il go on the slide with both of you will that be ok, 'yes mom.And so, hex joined the kids on the slide.

"they had fun , "'am sorry i didn't help you with him , 'you didn't know Enzo my brother is evil now back having fun, 'as they slide for an hour  until it grow late , "they came back to the diner. 'i heard the new what happen Hexadecimal . ' who did you from who, 'a little bird told me so he."yes he tried to nab Bianca but Bianca defeated him all by herself." Said Hex.

'bianca you use your power. 'i had to dot we would of use me to kill bob and he said if i join him but i heard that so many time i hate it, 'so you been use before you poor girl doe your parents know, 'no they don't know a think i keep my life a secret so there be safe  have an older sister a mom and dad and other there ll normal but me will.

'i that was cool that you had them, 'Enzo i thought you would hate me for having power, 'me no way where friends, 'bianca smile, 'will let al have some to eat, ohh dot i forgot to pay you for lunch here, "ohh 100 this will do and this is enough to pay for dinner Cecil cook up dinner for us pleas, "yes miss dot.

'you too better go wash up. 'as they walk away, 'hex i know this is hard for you, 'no it not i like bianca she like me, " exactly that what am worried about your brother world do anything to get his claw on her, 'dot when she with me she safe but when shehere i hope bb will watch over her right, 'yeah il keep her safe maybe she should go to school with Enzo.

""You think that's a good idea?' Asked Hex. "will yes i believe so. 'i don't think so dot she be in danger he just rush inside, 'not if bob with them right, 'yes il keep her safe, 'ohh will you with the games and all . 'will i, 'i thought so il go with them bianca is my child for now , "as they came back  Cecil. "here you go." Said Cecil.

'as they ate dinner, 'so bianca tell us about them, "my family mom a cook dad play music my sister is will lik dot, you mean she like to ruin your fun, 'hahahaha, 'they all giggle, 'yeah but she great i have uncles aunt and cousin, 'bianca when you spoke to mt brother you said something about an evil uncle. 'yeah that true you se  i got my gifts from my great aunt but she has too brother nd a sister but her sister is nomal she my dad mother,"I see." Said Hex.

"yes there both dangerous my great  aunt brothers , "as bianca finish her dinner,"did you meet one of them, 'yes he tried to use me and hurt my sister so i turn him into stone, 'you have that power wit it you could, ' know do i could crush anyon into dust but i choose not too i want to be normal but i cant,"I know how that feels." Said hex.

'if you have this power why not get rid of it, 'i cant bob if i did my family would be in danger and i have so much of it where would i put it, "will since we are done with dinner go home honey, "ohh but mom. 'no butt, 'see you Enzo good night dot and bob,'as Hexadecimal and bianca teleported home, '.bob i been thinking maybe you should be her bodyguard with out hex knowing it,

'i think i will after all i am a Guardian, 'as hex shown to bianca room, 'ohh i nice mom. "thank you dear you have all you need now brush your teeth and get ready for bed, 'yes mom. 'as bianca brush her teeth and she took out her doll. "ohh what a cute dolly, 'thank i made her she raven.carry.g she my best friend,You have some amazing Talent.' Said hex, as she patted raven's head.

'as bianca lied onto her bed she kiss her good night, "Good night raven." Said Bianca. 'bianca sleep as someone was watching her but who could it be,   "later on be fore hex a woke, 'raven wake up. 'huh what where are we i remember that i was sleeping in your bag, 'there a reason i couldn't wake you raven, 'yeah and what reason is that?,

"my cp suck us into a diffent world it call mainframe 'what but how, 'i don't know raven we are staying at Hexadecimal. home she powerful and she has an evil brother, 'let me guess he want to use you, 'yep there are other here too there call sprite, 'as in the drink, 'no there people anyway we have to look out for these games now let sleep night, 'night mom,

'by the next day bianca was up playing with her powers to keep strong she froze a ball and turn it into a e  into a rose into a bird then last turn it into a cap last she turn it into a hat for herself to wear,'here you go iv read a few cook books, 'thank mom yum, 'as she ate, 'so am i going to school. 'yes you are dot say that your befine but i worry, 'what your be doing, 'i will be watching you in secret, ' had a feeling you were going to say that,Clever Girl." Said Hex.

"it take one to know one. "as bianca finish, "the rocket bus came, 'here your bag with your lunch and school stuff and remember you stay with Enzo and meet m e by dot dine,'yes mom bye, 'as bianca ran off. 'hack and slash follow the bus but bianca send a wave of electricity at them and hit them to the wall like magnets,It's like that Girls got eyes at the back of her head.

" Said Hack. "Sure looks that way." Said Slash. 'hat should you tel him, 'me am telling him nothing you tell him, 'no you. 'no you. 'no you. 'shut it you too.At that moment Megabyte appeared."am started  to really hate that child time for me to go back to school hahaha. "meanwhile he was being watch the a shadow,

'at school bianca and Enzo were write a test of math, 'ohh i hate math. Bianca moan and groan,"I feel the same about it." Said Enzo."um Enzo why is the sky changing color."Uh Oh, A game is coming." Said Enzo..'as all the sprite all left  . 'come on Enzo let go. 'but then the cube landed, 'hh no Enzo. 'my bianca thre trap and my powers cant d a thing what shall we do dot, 'let hope bob in there, ' the game was a jungle world. '"where are we enz. 'like i said in a game hurry let reboot,

'as they press there i com, 'wow where jungle kids i know ths game gulp. 'bianca what do you mean gulp. 'this is the final lever of the jungle book where we meet kaa the snake.'to beat him we have to keep our eyes close an if he hypnotize you and coil you your doom, 'gulf anyone  else, 'shere-khan ohh boy, 'um hello let me out, 'who was that, 'ohh  will. 'as bianca open her bag raven pop out,"Your doll's alive?" Asked s surprised Enzo.

"Guess i should've mentioned that earlier." Said Bianca. "hey there am raven  you could say she my mom, 'you created her cool. 'yeah i love making dolls and will she became a live, 'doe hex know she living, 'nop  she doe not , 'then bianca made a copt of  an i com an  she put it on raven, 'now press it an say  reboot,

'reboot wow am a black panther."Cool." Said Enzo. 'now let all stay together  right, 'right, 'said them both, 'they held hands then bianca heard hissing, 'guys shut your eyes and run, 'as they ran Enzo was coil until bianca karate chop his coil. 'ohh why you little snack. 'ah ohh did he say snack, 'yep. 'as they ran but they were all coil, 'now what do we do,

" then megabyte came and grabbed kaa and squeeze him until he let  them go, "did megabyte just save us?" Asked a surprised Enzo.
"Apparently so." Said Bianca. 'yes i did but if you want to live suggest you follow me, 'you why should we megabreath, 'Enzo look until the game over we have no choose we agree that in this game your help us but once out we are enemy .

'ohh bianca must we beside you are my adopted niece for the time being, 'you gotta prove to me sir now lead the way uncle e have to beat shere-khan then the game over deal."Deal." Said Megabyte "as they walk  bianca scent   him, 'uncle look  to your left, 'as he was warn he grabbed  shere-khan neck and kill him, 'GAME OVER  GAME OVER,In an instant they were all home safe and sound.

'then hex and dot run to them, 'ohh  Enzo are you ok, 'sue bianca and i and raven beat the game with him, 'i hope you weren't planning to hurt them, 'me  i was going to but didn't want to lose  a child like bianca to a game see you bianca, ' a limousine   came as he enter it as it zoom off,

'who this  girl. 'i do believe that bianca doll but she living bianca why didn't you tell me you had that power, "I guess it slipped my mind or I wanted to keep raven safe." Said Bianca "wait if you created her that mean, 'yes dot she my child she a young doll with powers that she need to learn pleas don't get mad.

'.honey it ok  raven can live with me as will now who hungry. " the three young sprite rase there hand, 'sorry i got here so late, 'bob you miss the game megabreath saved us right bianca, 'yep he did for once  he shown he  good once in a while ohh this is raven my oll she  a liveing doll she my creation, 'make since sorry guys,It's Ok Bob everything is alright now." Said Dot.

'as the gang went to dot diner, 'why were you so nice to bianca boss, 'i wanted to test her she powerful il get her one way or another,Megabyte let out an evil laugh. "meanwhile, 'so guy what was the game, 'it was the final lever of the jungle book we had to out wit kaa and shere-khan . 'hmm i think i know that game will drink up. ""as they drink. 'ho was school bianca,

""Not bad." Said Bianca. "expert i suck at math, "she thought 'raven why not tell us what you like to do. 'um will i watch film hear story and play with mommy, "oh she so cute i just want to eat her up. 'ahh mommy, 'as raven ran be hide bianca, 'I'm sure she was only Joking." Said Bianca."indeed i was child,

'hmm ok. 'dot can we go play outside. "as long bob wit you i have work to do. "and iv joining you beside who know what my brother is planning,Good point, let's go." Said Bob. "as they walk out  the three play baseball bianca was at the bat Enzo was at the pich  and raven was on the left,"Pitch me the best you got Enzo." Said Bianca.

'ok you got it, 'as Enzo throw the  ball then bang bianca hit it and she run to the second base."Wow, She's good." Said Enzo."ok rsven your turn, 'but bianca she tiny, 'not for long Enzo raven go on, ' as raven grow to the ae  seven, 'like i said she has powers but she sill need to learn,

'as he throw the ball raven miss, 'strike one raven,"Ah man." Said a disappointed raven. "try again raven don't give up. "as Enzo those the ball raven hit it, "i got a hit, 'then bianca run to 3rd base as raven ran to second base,These girls are full of surprises." Said Enzo, 'then out of the blue too hole open up and raven and bianca almost fall into them until bianca teleported them out, 'what was that bianca, 'that was call my uncle trying to kidnapped us,

'ohh my poor bianca are you ok. 'yes am fine he trying to hard."he never gives up." Said Hex. 'hmm let go to go kart park, "wait you have a go kart park here really bob, 'yeah follow m, "epee i love go kart my cousin has one and he rich, 'let go. 'as the ran, 'blast it i almost have her  will bianca go have fun i but next time your mine, ",as the kids ride in go kart, 'ready to eat our dust Enzo.

""If you're ready to eat mine." Said Enzo. "as they ride in there go kart each of the go kart they were riding were there fave color, 'green for Enzo red for bianca and blue  and purple for raven. 'until hack and slash shown up and begin to chase them, 'no not those idiot.

'what do we do mom, 'Enzo i have a plan copy what i do. "then as they drive them in Circles. 'until hack and slash mash into each other and fell a part,"Those guys are so dumb they can't find their own shadows with both hands and a road map." Said Enzo. "i know right ohh no turn back. 'why ohh it megabreath, 'as they turn there kart away bob cam to the rescue,

"If you want Bianca, you'll have to go through me." Said Bob. "ohh will then it good that have dot here, 'm hello bob, 'what no poor dot, 'bianca thought . "as bianca whispers to raven  "raven plan B once i go to him you drive very fast from here, "but mom, 'no but pleas i want you to be safe pleas, 'ok mommy.

'you want me uncle fine let her go. 'no bianca don't, 'hex i have to she Enzo sister i cant let her get hurt, 'you are smart to do this, 'as bianca walk to him. ""that it no one get my mom. "then raven drive at him and grabbed dot and drive her to safely, "what raven didn't i say that you should go far away, 'nop sorry mom but i wont let you get hurt. 'then raven teleported the gang back to dot diner."This is an interesting development." Said Megabyte.

'i wonder who that was boss, 'i don't know but i believe we fine her weakness. 'meanwhile bianca was having a talk as , 'raven how could you be so stupide  i told you to go away, "but mom, 'no but i told you i wanted you to be safe, "Enzo was a bit scare of bianca, "he thought ohh so this how dot feel about me getting into danger.

'you should of run, 'but mom i save dot and i teleported us here, 'yes but you Shown him your power now he know about you  he will go after you too ohh why me  ,"I think we should stay out of this one." Said Bob.'bianca may i ave a word with you. 'sure dot. 'as they walk in the back , 'so what up. 'your child risk her life for you doe that even matter to you,

"Yes but I worry about her." Said Bianca. "and that normal  for us we have to look after them then when there grown up there on there own that why they need us go hug her  go thank her and she was right  she save my life raven is like you  bianca think. "your right  hen your right dot thank, "as bianca walk to raven,

'Am not mad i worry and i love you dear but you must stay with me since he know about us ok.Yes mummy." Said raven as she hugged Bianca. "hex we should atlest try to send her home, 'ohh bob she belong here, 'no she doe not her mother and father are worry about them,

'miss hex you keep me in your home for too days pleas tell them or i will. 'you would never  bianca , 'try me, 'then bianca turn hex to stone,  "the gang were shock to see a little girl Turning a all powerful virus   to stone. 'woh you did that wow, 'now hex or il destroy you, "then she change her back."Ok you win I'll do it." Said hex.

"i was the one that bring her here, "what but hex why, 'bob she wanted a powerful child as soon as i was done talking with dot i read her mind she pull me into this world and she though that she could fool me, 'as bianca got mad the room begin to shake.Everyone but Hex took cover."they hide under the table and the sprite were falling on there faces, "mom stop it calm down pleas, 'am ok raven am fine,

"hex how could you do that where was she, 'she a user,Almost everyone was surprised to her this. "wait you i you are what, 'yes Enzo i am a user i play those games to have fun but i dint know about you guys and since i do now i know why i lose, "what the reason you play these game, 'bob there for fun to help kids to learn there motor skills.

'but how did she know about you. "ohh i use my mirror to  watch her that how,"That figures." Said Dot. "now teleport us home NOW! "ohhh fin say goodbye those, 'Enzo you were fun but don't worry your soon have a friend that will love you  your see. 'il miss you bianca and raven. '  bob i thank you so much, 'no p if you come back il keep you away from him,

"dot you are a great women keep up with your bro he  a fire cracker , 'i know, 'as she hug them all. 'hex you may have let me into your home but never play me like that again, "truest  me i wont, 'as hex teleported them home they were safe, " "but what bianca and raven didn't know that anne was the person in the shadow watching them.

'I think believe that hex did this to them then  again i know her to will. 'end,
I've started a Pinterest Account today, People can follow me on if they'd like
Since the 10th anniversary for Prehistoric Park is coming up soon, in honour of that, I've decided to do my ideas for a second season of Prehistoric park if they decided to to do it. 

S2E1 Spino Safari: Nigel travels to late Cretaceous Africa to rescue the world's only aquatic Dinosaur, the infamous Spinosaurus. 
Location and Time: Egypt, Africa Late Cretaceous 95 million years ago
Creatures encountered: Spinosaurus, Onchopristis, Ouranosaurus, Paralititan, Sarcosuchus, Carcharodontosaurus 

S2E2 Bone Crushers: Nigel's next stop is the badlands of South Dakota where he plans to bring back two unique predators, Hyaenodon  and Archaeotherium.
Location and Time: Badlands of South Dakota, USA early Oligocene 28 million years ago, early Miocene 19 million years ago
Creatures encountered: Hyaenodon, Archaeotherium, Chalicotherium, Mesohippus, Subhyracodon, Amphycion

S2E3 Jurassic Giants: Nigel goes to late Jurassic Colorado to save the spike tailed Stegosaurus and it's chief Predator, Allosaurus.
Location and Time: Colorado, USA Late Jurassic 150 million years ago 
Creatures encountered: Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodicus

S2E4 Permian Predator: Nigel sets his sights on the most iconic creature from the Permian period, the sail backed Dimetrodon. 
Location and Time: Oklahoma, USA  Early Permian 272 million
Creatures encountered: Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus, Seymouria

S2E5 Early Wing: Nigel heads for late Jurassic Germany, where he plans to rescue Archaeopteryx from extinction.
Location and Time: Germany, Late Jurassic, 148 million years ago 
Creatures encountered: Archaeopteryx, Compsognathus, Rhamphorynchus, Pterodactylus 

S2E6 Massive Marsupials: Nigel makes his way to the Pleistocene outback where he's hoping to add some king sized Marsupials to the park.
Location and Time: Australia, Late Pleistocene 50,000 years ago 
Creatures encountered: Diprotodon, Procoptodon, Thyacoleo, Megalania 

Creatures rescued:
2 Spinosaurus (A male named Razor and a Female named Sarah) who later have three babies 
6 Ouranosaurus (3 males, 3 females)
1 Archaeotherium (male) 
2 Hyaenodon (a male named Henry and a female named Helga) who later have two cubs 
1 Stegosaurus (male named Steve)
2 Allosaurus (A male named Adam and a female named Alex) who later have two babies
8 Apatosaurus (4 males, 4 females) 
1 Dimetrodon (male named David) 
1 Edaphosaurus (female named Ellie) 
4 Archaeopteryx (2 males, 2 females)
3 Compsognathus (1 male, 2 females) 
2 Diprotodon (a male and a female)
2 Procoptodon (a male and a female) 
2 Thylacoleo (a male and a female)

The reason for the Jurassic episodes and the one set in Australia is because all of the dinosaurs Nigel brought back in the first season were all from the Cretaceous period and all three mammals he brought back were all placentals so i thought it would be nice to have some Jurassic animals and prehistoric marsupials added to the park. Also he's been to every continent except Africa and Australia. So what do you think? Do you like my ideas for Prehistoric Park's second season? let me know. And give your thoughts as to how Nigel would get them back to the park.
"There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.

They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.

If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!" 

copied from SavageAnimal98.
My sister SephiraAngel and I have come up with ideas for some Pokemon sets for Pokemon sun and moon. 

1. First we came up with a three stage Vampire set. The first form is called Vampbat which look like a baby bat, the second from is called Vampfang which would start to look more human and the final form is called Vampwing and would look like Man Bat from DC comics. All three of them would be a dark/flying Pokemon. The basic colour would be silver and the shiny version would be black.

2. Second we came up with a three stage Werewolf set. The first form is called Howlcub which would look like a wolf cub, the second form is called Howlfur which would look like a large wolf and the final form is called Howlfang would look like a big Lycan. The first two forms would be pure dark while the final form would be Dark/fighting. Their basic colour would be black and the shiny versions would be silver. 

3. Third we came with a tiger themed branched evolution similar to Eevee, except the evolution would be determined by where the Pokemon is or the time of day. The base form would be called Ticub, the Fire type form would be called Tiburn which is based of the normal Tiger and evolves at level 30 during the day, the Ice type form would be called Tifrost which is based of the white tiger and evolves at level 30 in a snowy area, the Dark type form would be called Tinight which evolves at level 30 during the night and the Grass type form would be called Tivine which evolves at level 30 while in a forested area. Tinight is based off of the black tiger while Tivine is based off of Cringer and Battle cat from the He-Man franchise. 

4. Fourth we came up with a three stage Griffin themed evolution that has the fire/electric combo. The first form would be called Blitzchick and would resemble a baby griffin, the second form would be called Blitzclaw and would look like a juvenile griffin and the final form would be called Blitzbeak and would look like an adult griffin. They would be coloured red, yellow and orange. 

5. Fifth we came up with another Fire dragon. It is like a cross between Slamance and Charizard. The first form is called Cingewing, which is based off a baby dragon, the second form is called Flarewing which is based off a juvenile dragon and the final form is called Blazewing which is based off a full grown dragon. It's main colour is black.

The Werewolf and Vampire sets would be natural enemies.
I found a picture of all seven main beagle boys from the Ducktales show together   would some one please tell me which episode this scene is from?


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I am autistic. I graduated from Broadford Secondary College in 2009. I learned about deviantART while i was spending time with my sister mary and her husband Shad Brooks, who also has a deviantART page. It was he who told me about bleedman's PPGD comic.

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